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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the AICC. See common topics and more below.

Who/what does the AICC represent?

The AICC represents businesses, individuals, and organizations interested in U.S. - Israel business and the U.S. - Israel economic relationship, including cross-border business collaboration and potential investment opportunities.   

Is the AICC politically-affiliated?

No. The AICC does not endorse politicians, political parties, or political campaigns. We are a pro-business organization that supports free trade between the U.S. and Israel. Office holders active in the U.S. - Israel relationship may address the group.

Can I promote my business and Israel interests to the AICC audience?

Yes. The AICC is the platform to share and promote your U.S. and Israel-related business interests. We provide opportunities to host and sponsor educational programs, forums, roundtables, and seminars; communicate your Israel interests and your company's events to our audience. 

Will I have access access to Israeli companies and AICC members?

Yes. AICC members have the opportunity to be connected to Israeli companies looking to build networks to expand their businesses in our region; also, AICC will assist members seeking to expand their network and business in Israel. Plus, we promote member-to-member connections.

Is the AICC a religious organization?

No. The AICC is a secular business association that promotes cross-border business, investment, and the interest of its members.

Can I make business contacts as an AICC member?

Yes! The AICC's fundamental mission is to promote business and investment between the U.S. and Israel, AND the AICC's members. We initiate more business-to-business activities and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.

Is there a financial benefit to AICC membership?

Yes! AICC members get free or reduced prices for Chamber events and reciprocal membership in the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, the umbrella organization for six regional Chambers of Commerce: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Eilat, and Nazareth. 

How do I get myself in front of AICC leaders, possible mentors, members, and audience?

AICC members are featured in email communications, social media, newsletters, promotions when hosting or sponsoring events; speaking at programs; on the website. Members have access to the directory to directly connect with other members. You will also grow your business network by sponsoring events, serving on committees with AICC leadership, attending programs where you are able to network and be part of the community.

Cultivate business connections, collaboration, and community between Chicago, the broader Midwest, and Israel.  Learn more about the AICC.


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